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    kkh is now safe !! Thanks to almighty God !!


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    kkh is now safe !! Thanks to almighty God !!

    Post by kkh on Wed Jun 25, 2008 12:23 pm

    Hi I am Ruma, cousin of kkh. He just gave me his user name, password and link to know u his update .

    Kkh got a road traffic accident on 16th June night at Dhaka-Chittagong highway near Mireswarai. He was going by his car from Harnuza to Dhaka and near Mireswarai a speedy truck coming from the opposite side smashed his car. Several were coming in a row from the opposite side but the accused truck suddenly came out of the row to overtake others and kkh’s driver got too little space and time to escape this collision. The car got hooked beneath the truck, the dashboard busted releasing the airbags and kkh fell in the ground ripping his seat-belt and shattering the door. The kkh & driver got injured on different parts of their face but escaped from major injury due to seat-belt and air bags. It was miraculous that they fasted their seat belts just 15 minutes before the accident while the highway police suggested them to do it in a check post and these seat belts ultimately save their lives. The local people took them to near by hospitals where they got primary care and oxygen support. From their they immediately shifted them to Chittagong Medical College Hospital where after necessary examination doctors declare them safe and got admitted into hospital. However, he has to stay for some more days in hospital to get the wounds healed. After the relief of the tension, according to the instruction of kkh .I writing these issues to you all asking to pray for kkh and his driver and pay thanks to the Almighty GOD for his mercy on us. It is undoubtedly His kindness which saved our people from fatal consequences in spite of such a severe accident.

    Thank you everybody….

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    Re: kkh is now safe !! Thanks to almighty God !!

    Post by Amber on Wed Jun 25, 2008 5:19 pm

    OMG.. That's horrible!!

    Thank God he's fine now :)


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